Human connection in the digital age

Human connection becomes more important as digital change becomes a constant

The world is changing at an ever increasing rate. We can now connect virtually to anyone, anywhere in world; yet I am afraid we are forgetting how to touch each other’s hearts. We live in the most connected age ever, yet we are often more isolated than ever. It used to be you could feel lonely in a room full of people. Now you can be sitting next to the one you love and feel isolated and alone as they are connected to their smart device instead of you.

The paradox is that, depending on our circumstances, life can exciting or terrifying, or both.

Technology is changing our opportunities for human connection, learning and growth. We can now:

  • find love on the internet
  • plan a wedding on Pinterest
  • find the best place to stay on our holiday
  • take an online course or attend a seminar in another country (while at home in our pyjamas)
  • connect with friends and family all over the world
  • add our voice to change the world

On the other hand, we also have technology reducing real human connection. It has become common to experience:

  • a boss who never looks up from their computer during a performance discussion
  • the couple who spends all night on their smart phones and no longer really talk
  • having no time to reflect or learn the lessons from our experiences
  • the loner who has thousands of friends on Facebook but not one they can have coffee with.

Often, in the midst of all the “noise” it is hard to find human connection, or even hear our own thoughts.

So pick up your device and learn new things, connect to people all over the world, add your voice to making this world a better place. Then, make time each day to put down your device and make a human connection with those people you work with, put down your device and touch the hearts of those you love, and put down your device and take time to be still.

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Richard Riche

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Richard specialises in helping you build real human communication skills.TED style speaking and presentation skills, Emotional Intelligence skills, Employee Engagement/Experience, building high performance teams and a great place you want to work. One Clear Message offers training, consulting and coaching.
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