Slide design: Using Presenters view (PP and Mac)

In presentations Use Presenters view (on PP and Mac)

Using Presenter’s view helps improve your presentations, stop reading. Learn to present like a pro with presenter’s view on a PC or Mac.

Using Presenter’s view, on Power Point (2007+) or Keynote (2004+), allows you to see your notes on your laptop, while the audience sees just the current slide, preferably a simple image on the screen. Bullet/note free slides seen by the audience allow those listening to hear your presentation, rather than reading along with you.

You see:

Using Presenters view

The current slide and the slide coming up. Your notes and the time elapsed.

Your audience sees with presenters view:

Using Presenters view

For step-by-step instruction on a PC (Power Point) click here …

For step-by-step instruction on a Mac (keynote)click here …

Get help from a professional to design your slides

If you really want to get your presentations right, consider hiring a professional presentation consultant to help. A professional can help you get perspective about what’s important, help you protect your brand and deliver clear powerful visuals which augment your message. If you need help with Using Presenters viewcontact us today.

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