Igniting intrinsically motivated teams

7 Tips to ignite intrinsic motivated teams


Intrinsically motivated teams want to work, stay on task longer and succeed. Intrinsic motivators involve engaging in a behaviour because it is personally rewarding. Creating an environment where we can connect with our purpose, have opportunities to be  autonomous and travel the path to mastery helps create an engaged and responsible workforce.

We can’t motivate someone else, motivation comes from within, however we can inspire motivation and create an environment in which motivation thrives.

1. Define success.

Many of us don’t know what success looks like in a specific area. We often get caught up in the “things” that are the result of success. Unfortunately, Emotionally Intelligent success and intrinsic motivation revolve around emotional states, not just things. Building clear expectations and creating a clear picture in their minds of what success looks like allows us to know what we need to do to succeed.

2. Encourage self assessment.

Intrinsic motivation involves an element of understanding of how well we are doing. A self-assessment, or personal performance score, can utilise self tests to allow team members to qualitatively rate how they are doing – against the defined standards of success.

3. Recognise and praise effort.

Help your team develop a growth mindset by helping them see the connection between effort and achievement. Sharing success stories often can ignite and inspire more intrinsic motivation.

 4. Provide reminders.

Reminders, samples and examples so that team members know what to do. Examples of good and bad work can also be helpful as they can show team members what to do, and what not to do. Having the team build posters or electronic reminders (e.g. screen savers) can keep the ideas in mind.

5. Create a supportive environment.

Change takes time, be kind and have patience. Create a supportive environment which supports change and try new things. Acknowledge contributions and say thank you.

6. Give feedback.

Feedback is required to gain perspective of what works, and what does not. Partner with other members of your team and let them know that you care about their success, and the job they’re doing. When term members notice what you are doing and the impact of your changes it can be a powerful affirmation and it can help perpetuate positive behaviour.

7. Develop champions.

Encourage the members of the motivated teams, who “get it”, to share their knowledge. The power of a supportive culture and building that sense of belonging can be an amazingly powerful force, one that ought be harnessed.

Igniting intrinsically motivated teams over time management - Dovale

Imagine coming to work each day and being surrounded by intrinsically motivated teams of people who truly want to do a great job in everything they do. This is possible when we inspire others to develop intrinsic motivation and create a supportive environment.


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