One clear Message community service initiative #GivingBack

We consider Giving Back / Corporate Social Investment (CSI) to be an integral part of our business. We look for opportunities to utilise our skills and talents to up-skill and develop members of our community.

Our initiatives aim to directly develop communication skills in an emotionally intelligent manner in our local communities. We believe that by increasing real human-to-human communication we can make this a better world.

Small actions can change the world. What we do creates ripples. What do you do to male the world a better place?

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Community service initiative(CSI) has changed in South Africa. Leaders are realising that CSI can be good for business, as well as the communities they serve. It is no longer just seen as a charitable donation to enhanced the corporate image, a balm for the corporate consciousness, or a tax write-off. CSI is becoming a way for organisations to contribute to the development of local communities, addressing some of the real challenges they face. We are recognising that corporate social initiatives play an increasingly vital role in the democratisation of our society.

Benefits of a strategic CSI programme can include improved employee morale, an enhanced corporate image and contributing to a more sable socio-economic environment.

One Clear Message has 3 core community service initiatives:

1. Knowledge sharing: maintaining a free knowledge resource

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2. Pay it forward coaching, mentoring and training: selected candidate/groups are supported in developing EQ and speaking skills.

  • After putting your team through a skills programme (EQ, speaking, presentation, etc) we offer you the opportunity to share what you have learned. We will help you run a similar workshop with a group of disadvantaged learners or developing business. This enbales us all to give back to the community, and embed what has been learned. We have found this additional step substantially increases team engagement and retention of knowledge. “While we teach, we learn.” Seneca

3. The Ripples (Enyakaza) early development programme: Reading and activities (+ feeding scheme) for preschool learners.

  • The Ripples (Enyakaza) community service initiative programme welcomes volunteers and sponsors. Volunteers help with reading to children, art projects and development activities. Sponsors can supply food for the children, or books and art supplies. We believe that support and development in this early foundation phase helps children become more confident, and enables them to build a foundation for the love of learning. Small actions create ripples throughout our environment. Consistent conscious action leads to exponential change.

One Clear Message’s Enyakaza reading club operates in partnership with: Seeds of Africa and FUNDA Leader (nalibali)

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