Does doing a wedding speech make you nervous?

Wedding speech jitters

Long drawn out boring speeches can be embarrassing and distract from the beauty of the day.

Coaching can help make your wedding toast an enjoyable and memorable event, rather than a nerve-wracking and embarrassing experience.

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Use these tips to guide your wedding speech creation:

1. Tips on writing a wedding toast

Writing a Wedding Speech a list of adjectives about the bride or groom is boring and doesn’t demonstrate their relationship or their character. e.g. “She is beautiful, kind, talented and …” (yawn). What does that mean? Kind? We all have different definitions of these words based on our own experiences. Instead, share a story which demonstrates the characteristics you want to share.

2. Tips for the wedding Master of Ceremonies (MC)

The speeches at the wedding reception are meant to be an enjoyable part of the day, giving friends and family the opportunity to have some light fun and gain insight into the character and lives of the happy couple.

3. Tips on wedding toasts

Long drawn out wedding toasts can put your guests to sleep. If you’re not used to public speaking don’t wing it, practice your speech (or get coaching). The speeches offer an opportunity for family and friends to gain insight into the parties involved and have some light fun.

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