Performance feedback coaching and consulting to positively impact your triple bottom line: Profitability, Retention and customer scores

Performance conversations talks and coaching to help you give effective feedback that can be heard, and acted on within your organisation. Effective performance discussions is the key to success in business; however this skill is often based on poor examples and outdated hierarchical thinking. Our ability to share a powerful message and inspire the listener to take action therefore remains ineffective and undeveloped.

Development feedback coaching and consulting helping you design and deliver performance feedback to increase employee engagement within your organisation. What elements do you need to increase engagement and performance?

  • Understand the elements of a successful performance review (360 review/KPI/KPA)

  • Understand
    how praise impacts behaviour.
  • Give and receive feedback in a clear and supportive manner.
  • Deliver a clear message encouraging positive behaviour.
  • Be able to confidently deliver 3-2-1 feedback to improve communication.Emotionally intelligent feedback Performance feedback

Hourly rate and project rates available.

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