Employee Engagement is the extent to which employees are motivated to add to organisational success and are willing to apply their discretionary effort to meeting strategic goals.

The quality of the relationship between an employee and their immediate manager was found to be the most powerful determining factor of employee engagement.

Programme overview


Day 1- Employee Engagement workshop

MODULE 1: What is employee engagement?

  • Satisfaction versus Engagement
  • The impact on your business
  • Who owns the process?
  • Do’s and don’ts

MODULE 2: The 4 Drivers

  1. Relationship with manager.
  2. Belief in leadership.
  3. Pride in belonging.
  4. Having a voice.

MODULE 3: Measurements

  • Metrics
  • Assessing your engagement levels
  • The real cost of disengagement on your organisation

MODULE 4: Acquiring and retaining skilled talent

  • Acquiring the right talent – culture fit
  • Mentorship and the development of talent
  • Appropriate recognition and reward to translate values into behaviours

Day 2 – Employee Engagement workshop

MODULE 5: Leadership qualities

  • The qualities of a good leader
  • Triple bottom line
  • Leadership development and support

MODULE 6: Creating an aligned culture

  • Knowledge sharing
  • Incremental change
  • Innovation and the power of the group
  • Creating your personal action plan
  • Creating your teams employee engagement action plan

MODULE 7: Lesson learned and action steps

  • The human approach

An EQ based Employee Engagement workshop requires a focus on people and relationships.

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