Designed to deliver relevant and actionable Management Information (MI) to increase compliance and embed Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) into your culture

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One Clear Message Culture, TCF and MI process:

  • Produces weekly Management Information (MI)
  • Embeds a high performance TCF culture and translates values into repeatable behaviours
  • Increases Employee Engagement
  • Identifies appropriate intrinsic rewards and recognition
  • Aids with Knowledge Management and innovation
  • Highlights skills and challenges (areas for development, knowledge sharing and reward)
  • Enables behaviour change through coaching
  • Helps with succession planning and identifying potential leadership talent
  • Follows international HR best practice
  • Supported by software customised for your business
  • Instant agreed reports
  • Recordings for FSB compliance, CCMA and knowledge management
  • Human EQ conversation focussed
  • Project or KPA focused

Supported by training, ongoing support and coaching for users


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What is Treating Customers Fairly (TCF)?

TCF relates to organisations in the financial services sectors (banking, insurance, investments, etc) and is underpinned by 6 consumer outcomes that ensure fair treatment of customers. These elements are the core foundation of what is expected from financial services organisations (regulatory body Up to date and relevant Management Information (MI) is an integral part of managing this process. The heart of TFC is found in Principle 1 : “Customers must feel confident that they are dealing with an institution where TCF is at the core of their culture.” With the implementation of the new twin peaks legislation TCF is coming … are you ready?

What is Management Information and why is it so important?

Management Information MI is the data or statistics collected to measure performance, and drive TCF compliant change where needed. Financial organisations need to be able to show how they are using MI to:

  • measure progress in implementing the TCF principles
  • take action to improve procedures and customer service where required
  • monitor the outcome of required changes, that then demonstrate improved standards in the fair treatment of customers

Key elements of TCF compliance

If you want a human solution supported by software contact us for a demo in Johannesburg

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With the implementation of the new twin peaks legislation treating customers fairly (TCF) is coming … are you ready?

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