Discover the science behind effective feedback that leads to engaged passionate staff, happier customers and improved profitability.

Are you required to have performance conversations with colleagues, customers, subordinates and management?

Do you tend to bottle up and blurt out important developmental information at inappropriate moments? Do you feel confident sharing this information with individuals, or in front of a group?   If you could learn to give more effective feedback that was heard, and acted on would this positively impact your career/ business? Sharing developmental information is hard. We don’t want to be too wishy washy or too harsh. We want to encourage positive behaviour and development.

Inspire positive action – Transform Your feedback Skills using the latest neuroscience and psychology research.

In this programme you will learn how the science behind powerful developmental conversations, how to deliver the information, how much to share, how to demonstrate what you mean, and how to deliver it so they hear it, embrace it and act on it.

Course Overview: 

Effective communication is the key to success in business; however this skill is often based on poor examples and outdated hierarchical thinking. Our ability to share a powerful message and inspire the listener to take action therefore remains ineffective and undeveloped. Learn how to have an effective conversation, sharing important information which can be heard and acted on.

Duration of Course: 1 day or 2x half days   The course is designed to meet the specific needs of your organisation

Venue: Training can be conducted in-house, or at a venue of your choice.

Cost: Contact us today for a custom quote.Learning outcomes –  By the end of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Understand how praise impacts behaviour.
  • Discover the neuroscience and psychology behind powerful developmental conversations
  • Give and receive feedback  in a clear and supportive manner.
  • Deliver a clear message encouraging positive behaviour.
  • Be able to confidently deliver the 3-2-1 method to improve communication.

Performance Feedback for successful teams

Method of Presentation:

  1. Teaching Aids: Course Manuals, Audio/ Visual presentations, PowerPoint presentation
  2. Measurement: Self-assessment & Peer support
  3. Interactive: Facilitation, Group Interaction, Breakaway group sessions, Practical learning Activities and peer support.

Target Group: Applicable for teams, sales people, trainers, managers, influencers, technical teams, and those who desire to build their communication skills.  Anyone who needs to share hold developmental conversation, have the listener understand the concept, and take action.

Over 100 years of Phd. research behind this 3-2-1 process.

Performance Feedback for successful teams

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