Think Billboard: The science behind powerful business presentation skills

A Practical business presentation skills training workshop that ends “Death by PowerPoint” and leads to improved human communication. This programme includes the powerful 3-2-1 peer feedback process to embed understanding and increase skills in your team. Delegates learn how to give and receive feedback which enables them to embed their learning and build a critical understanding of what works (and what doesn’t) in presentations. Real human communication skills to help you connect to your audience.

(Programmes can be customised to have a sales, business communication or technical emphasis)

“Death by PowerPoint” involves more reading and less human connection and communication kills. We buy into ideas and products emotionally – too much data and a robotic approach reduce connection, bores your audience and makes the ideas in your presentation instantly forgettable.

When you present is your message clear, heard and acted on? Use the latest neuroscience and psychology research to inspire your audience to action. Transform your business presentations – Learn how to create greater impact when you present. Building business presentation skills through a practical workshop.

This programme can be run in a variety of ways customised to give you the greatest impact:

  • A 2 day programme with practical speaking experiences to embed the learning, or
  • A 1/2 day programme followed by 3 x 2 hour practice sessions to reflect and embed the learning.

Venue: Training can be conducted in-house, or at a venue of your choice.

Business presentation skills training workshop outline:

Module 1: Crafting your message

  • What do they really need to know?
  • The power of business stories and analogies
  • Congruent body language
  • Call to action

Module 2: Slide design

  • What do they really need to see?
  • Slide design tips and tricks
  • Financial information and statistics
  • The power of a black slide

Module 3: Delivery

  • 3-2-1 feedback
  • Running a question and answer session

Learning outcomes – By the end of this programme, learners will be able to:

  • Understand how to structure a visual message in a clear and engaging manner
  • Design slides that end “Death by Powerpoint”
  • Understand the power of simple slides to engage an audience
  • Prepare using our quick and easy formula, and world class presentations styles
  • Deliver a clear message whilst improving vocal variety and body language skills.
  • Increase presentation confidence and interaction skills
  • Learn how to give feedback to embed learning and increase critical understanding of effective presentations

Method of Presentation:

  1. Teaching Aids: Infographic Manuals, Audio/ Visual presentations & PowerPoint presentation
  2. Measurement: Self-assessment, Facilitator & Peer feedback
  3. Interactive: Facilitation, Group Interaction, Practical learning Activities and Feedback.

Target Group: Applicable for sales people, trainers, team leaders, managers, influencers, technical teams, and those who desire to build confidence in speaking and presenting. Anyone who needs to share an idea or message, have the audience understand the concept, and take action. Do you feel confident talking to a group of people? Are you required to give presentations to staff and customers? If you could learn to be more effective and engaging, persuasive and professional in your presenting would this positively impact your business? If so this is the course for you.

Research behind the business presentation skills training course

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