Advanced human business sales presentation skills training for Sales Professionals

Close more deals more consistently

With Richard Riche and Jacques de Villiers

You should attend if you’re a sales professional who …

  • Presents your solution to groups of prospects (management teams, boards, committees and the like)
  • Is battling to reach your sales targets because you aren’t closing more deals more consistently
  • Get’s nervous when you have to present to an audience of more than one
  • Is tired of delivering “death by PowerPoint”
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Advanced business sales presentation skills training

When you present is your message clear, heard and acted on?

Ask yourself: Do you feel confident selling to a group of people using a PowerPoint presentation?

Are you required to give presentations to customers?

If you could learn to be more effective and engaging, persuasive and professional in your presenting would this positively impact your business?

Do you know how to deliver a message so your prospects and customers can hear it, embrace it and act on it?

Who Should Attend Our Presentation Skills Course
▪ Sales professionals
▪ Sales managers
▪ Influencers
▪ Those who desire to build confidence in selling and presenting.
▪ Essentially, it is for all sales professionals who need to share an idea or message and have their prospects and customers understand the concept, and take action.

What You’ll Learn in Our Presentation Skills Course

  • Understand how to structure a message in an clear and engaging manner
  • Deliver a clear message whilst improving vocal variety and body language skills.
  • Design slides that end “Death by Powerpoint”
  • The power of business stories.
  • Use effective sales techniques to close the deal
  • Learn how to prepare using our presentation formula and world class presentations styles.
  • Increase presentation confidence and sales skills

Advanced business sales presentation skills training Duration

Effectively 4 weeks … 1 x half-day sales presentation skills workshop and then 3 x 3-hour practical session where delegates practice how to effectively deliver their sales pitch. Delegates deliver the same presentation each week and refine their presentation, pitch and technique.

Number Of Delegates Per Workshop
Groups of 10 to 15 (minimum booking required for 10 delegates)

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Method Of Presentation
Teaching Aids: Course Manuals, Audio/ Visual presentations, PowerPoint presentation
Measurement: Self-assessment, Facilitator & Peer feedback
Interactive: Facilitation, Group Interaction, Practical learning Activities and Feedback.

A Practical advanced business sales presentation skills training workshop in Johannesburg South Africa that improves communication leading to more engaged customers and improved profitability. A 1/2 day sales and presentation skills workshop followed by 3 x 3 hour practice sessions with expert feedback and tips to embed the learning.

Research behind the presentation course


  • About Richard Riche

    Richard specialises in Emotionally Intelligent communication skills. Presentations skills training to end “Death by powerpoint” and help building Engaged Emotionally Intelligent teams. He has been helping people present ‘one clear message’ for the past 18 years. Find out more about Richard.

  • About Jacques de Villiers

    Jacques is a professional marketing and sales speaker, trainer, consultant and author. He has been helping sales professionals ‘hit their number’ since 1998.

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