Peer mentor training: help embed Emotional Intelligence (EI) concepts into your teams, change behaviour and build sustainability into your team culture

peer mentor training to embed success

After you have discovered the skills that build the “Ei” in your team, learn how to sustain this new awareness and behaviour. How do you sustain the new Emotionally Intelligent behaviour once you have learned the tools?

Time is such a precious commodity in our fast paced lives. We normally don’t have time for lengthy peer support or mentoring and coaching programmes in our schedules. This programme only requires an investment of 15 minutes once per week (time to drink a cup of coffee). Peer mentor training gives you and your team the skills to create more support and development within your organisation.

The course is designed to meet the specific needs of your organisation – based on multiple Phd research studies

Course outline: 1/2 day interactive practical workshop. The course is tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation.

Venue: Training can be conducted in-house, or at a venue of your choice.

Cost: Contact us today for a custom quote.Learning outcomes

By the end of the peer mentor training course learners will be able to develop the skill of peer mentoring and to give support and feedback, which creates a supportive team culture.

  • GROW model for peer mentor trainingUnderstand how peer mentoring and Social Support work
  • Apply reflective listening skills
  • Give and receive feedback in a clear and supportive manner to support change
  • Use the GROW coaching model to encourage reflection and positive behaviour
  • Develop an Emotional intelligence (EI) focus goal
  • Create micro peer support teams

Method of Presentation:

  • Teaching Aids: Infographic Manuals, Audio/ Visual presentations, PowerPoint presentation
  • Measurement: Self-assessment, Facilitator & Peer feedback
  • Interactive: Facilitation, Group Interaction, Practical learning Activities and Feedback.

Target Group: An essential skill for managers and team members who want to effectively embed learnings and share skills.

Facilitators: Richard Riche MBA, DTM, TLI & Lelaine Riche BA Psych (hons), Fulcrum Coaching, TLI

peer mentor training to embed emotional intelligence

Peer mentor training help build social support and increase Employee Engagement

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