Clear Communication in goal setting

Clear Communication in business

Are you sure others understand what your message is when you communicate?

Is your message clear?

Do you assume they have the same ideas and pictures around the words and concepts you use?

If you are looking for new business are you clear about what you mean by this term?

New business could be R1 000, R100 000, or more. It could be a once off deal or a business relationship that earns you substantially more over time.

Be specific and clear when you set your goals. Ensure you can clearly explain what you mean by the terms you use and the pictures you create. Also be aware of the emotion attached to them. Fear, excitement or enjoyment. Then, ensure you write them down  Clearly!

Have a clear point Clear Communication in goal setting

Clear Communication in goal setting 

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Richard Riche

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Richard specialises in helping you build real human communication skills.TED style speaking and presentation skills, Emotional Intelligence skills, Employee Engagement/Experience, building high performance teams and a great place you want to work. One Clear Message offers training, consulting and coaching.
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